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August 20
Laptop Issue: 'not enough resources'

If the students are getting an error message when they try to logon about ‘not enough resources are available’, they need to be restarted.  After they press Alt+Ctrl+ Del there is a red box in the lower right hand corner that they can click on to do it or just hold the power button down until the computer turns off then turn it back on.

It’s important that you instruct student to SHUT DOWN the computers when they are done using them.

August 20
Successmaker Troubleshooting

When your student has trouble getting their reading course to load, (continuous spinning) look down in the blue task bar and you should see another Successmaker tab.  Click on the other tab, this should take you to the program.  Sometimes two screens pop up, the actual course and then on top of it, the spinning loading screen.  It could be that the student clicks too many times on the course so that it is trying to open two reading courses at the same time.

As in the past, there are times that the computers lock up.  This can happen with excessive clicking or just a glitch in the program or a power surge.  The least frustrating thing to do is Ctrl/Alt/Delete - Task Mgr. - End Program.  The student can go back and sign in again (click yes to the box, you are already signed in, do you want to continue) and restart their course.
I hope this information assists in a pleasurable experience with SuccessMaker ;)
August 20
Contacts\Distribution Lists

I’ve had lots of people who have asked about why e-mail addresses are not showing up when they are typing in their names.  With webmail, it is just a feature to show you addresses of those who you have recently sent messages.  You should save email addresses that you want as a contact.  That way, they can be saved and you don’t have to worry about not having them.  Think of it as working on a Word document but never really saving it.  By creating contacts, you are saving that contact information.  It’s also worth the
time to actually fill out the information for that contact by giving it a name and any other information that you may have for that contact.  From what I have gathered, most people were depending on a feature of the program instead of actually entering the data into a meaningful form.
To create contacts, it is as simple as right clicking on their name in the right hand panel where their message shows up and then selecting ‘Add to Contacts…’.  You can also do it by selecting ‘Contacts’ in the
left pane, then click ‘New…’ in the middle pane.
If you are trying to send to a distribution list that you have created, you have to actually search for the name of the distribution list when you click on ‘Contacts’.  You can also find the lists by scrolling through the list.  Keep in mind that any/all e-mail addresses that you have saved in your contacts that don’t actually have a name associated to them will appear at the top.  So, if you don’t have any of the further information filled out on the various email addresses, they will appear on the top of the list of contacts.  You will also
notice that I have 4 contacts that I only filled out one of the names.  Those appear after the contact that has no name, but before the contacts that I have filled out both a first and last name.
Again, if you take the time to really go through and organize your contacts you will find that it can be a great tool to use.  If you have a smartphone that you connect with your account, all of that information will be automatically added to your phone as well so you will have it at your fingertips.
August 20
Scanning Documents

To scan a document:

Press the ‘Send’ button the machine -> press ‘Address Book’ on the touch screen (upper right corner) -> press the box on the left side so that a checkmark goes on the first line -> press ‘OK’ -> then press Start -> the document will scan -> you won’t get any kind of confirmation.
To retrieve your document:

Go to the Tshare -> there is folder on the top called ‘_Scans’ -> open that folder and your document will be there.  Then you can take that .pdf file and save it to your U drive or wherever you want to save it.
August 20
Tips and Tricks - General

If you are using your projector/computer and only one display is working. I’m working to find out why this happens but this is a fix in the meantime. You can try FN+F4 but if that doesn’t work, get to the desktop -> right click -> screen resolution -> beside ‘Multiple Displays’ you want ‘Duplicate these displays’.


To install a networked printer:  Start -> in the search bar type either '\\tuffy' (HS/MS) or '\\kochserv1' and hit Enter -> double-click the printer that you want to use.



August 20
Tips and Tricks - Promethean

 If you want to be to write on a Word document using your Pro board, it works much better if you import it into ActiveInspire (AI).  This is the best way I have figured out so far.  If you have a tablet and printing to Windows Journal, you are doing the same thing except with Windows Journal instead of AI.  Open the document in Word -> click on the Office button -> click on the arrow beside ‘Save’ then there will be an option to ‘Save As PDF’ -> Save the file as a .pdf file -> Open AI -> close the first splash screen -> File -> Import -> PDF -> find your newly created .pdf file from your Word document -> done.


If you want your flip charts to fill the whole screen, click on the paper clip over the page viewer (left side of screen).  Then, in the upper right hand side, change the view to “Fit to Width”.  That will widen the flipchart to the whole screen and make everything bigger.



August 20
Pro board speakers

If you can’t get the speakers to work on your Promethean board, please check to make sure that they are on and the volume is turned up.

There is a red/green switch on the left side.  The switch should be green if you want to use the speakers.  You can use the dials on the side to adjust the tone and volume as well.
August 20
Infinite Campus Reports

Some people are having trouble with running reports from Infinite Campus.  If you having issues, please try this:

Open Internet Explorer -> go to Tools (top right corner) -> Internet Options -> Security tab -> custom level (button towards the bottom) -> scroll down to ‘Downloads’ section -> Under ‘Automatic prompting for file downloads’ change that option to ‘Enable’ -> click OK -> click OK
Then try to run the report again.  When you do, a box should pop up asking you what you want to do with the .pdf file.  Then you can open or save the report document.
August 20
IC/Java cache delete

If you are having problems with Infinite Campus, please do the following:

Clear your temp files from Internet Explorer:
Right side @ top -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Delete -> Delete all -> restart IE
If that doesn't work do this:
Start -> Control Panel -> Double click Java -> Settings -> Delete Files… -> Ok -> restart IE