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Milbank High School Announcements
Monday, January 22, 2018

**Line One: Sausage-egg Cheese biscuit/yogurt, tri tater, pineapple, juice, and milk

**Line Two: Hotdog/bun, Mac & Cheese, steamed green beans, pineapple, and milk

Detention is with Mrs. Wollschlager

Lunch A duty = Mr. Karels
Lunch B duty = Mr. Dahl

**One act will be performing at 2:30 today.  Please follow the following schedule:

**A/A  will be Wednesday, Jan. 31.

**Pop is only allowed in the building on pop days or if it is ok'd by Mr. Snaza.
Do not bring it into the building!

**If you are interested in Youth Trooper academy see Mrs. Wellnitz.

**If you are interested in the 5 day Healthcare Career Camp this summer at USD see Mrs. Wellnitz.

** If you would like to purchase a wristband in memory of Hunter Schweer, see Tanner Schwagel. The cost is $5.00

**Students that bring a box of Kleenex's for 2nd sem. to the HS office will be eligible for an open noon. Make sure you have your name on the box.

**Junior girl  interested in applying for Girls State Journalism stop by the HS Office and
pick up a form.  The form needs to be turned into the HS office by Tuesday, Jan. 30th.

**Juniors and Seniors turn in character card information sheets to Mrs. Hoeke ASAP. She would like a few more returned.

*Reminder the Dakota Corp Scholarship is due Febuary 1st.
*Check your E-mail and/or Mrs. Wellnitz website. The Milbank Foundation scholarship applications are available.

Community service opportunity
*Students needing community service hrs can sign-up to do tricastr or cameras several dates available. Contact Mrs. Quade.







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